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Happy Birthday Jean aka Hannes aka Johannes!!!

Happy Birthday Trainer, Training Partner and Friend!!! Thank you for everything you do and put up with! : Your Birthday WOD Do hspu’s. Your age is the reps to be done. run 400m max rep in 60sec deadlift with 120kg … Weiterlesen

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Morning class / In der Früh 5 rounds, rest as needed in between rounds 10 slam balls 40 yard shuttle 5 burpees Evening/ Abendtraining: In Groups of 3 / Gruppen von 3 WOD 15 rounds: each athlete must complete 5 … Weiterlesen

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WOD 50 KB Swings 50 Sit Ups 50 Box Step ups with KB (Goblet Style) 50 Air Squats 50 K2E FOR TIME!!!! Post comments and times.

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Joachim, Conni, Susi—->>>>> Happy Birthday!!! Alles Gute

Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag Joachim, Conni und Susi! (Bild von Joachim Folgt!) Yesterday’s WOD swod 5×5 press Pain and Reality Check Grace 30 Clean and Jerks for time

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Tanja Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag nachträglich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich hoffe das du Uns vergeben kannst! Tanja hat ein wahnsinns tempo beim Hang Power Cleans oder Hang Squat Cleans. Ich bin gespannt was der Zukunft bringt.  Something else, I really try to keep up with … Weiterlesen

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Back In The Day

SWOD: 5×5 Back Squat warm up 5reps (20kg) , 5 reps (20kg), 5 reps( 40%), 3reps (60%), 1rep(80%) beginner: moderates Gewicht, sauber/clean, sharp easy to judge reps. Weight is secondary. Movement is the focus. pro: gleiches gewicht für alle sätze … Weiterlesen

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Samstag WOD 1 RM Snatch 1 RM squat Snatch Cookie danach/afterwards

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