Skill Day- Sei Smart

Today is Open Gym.
To get the most out of your training. If you have been in to the Box on Mon, Tue, and Wed, then today would be the perfect rest day. (I would recommend enjoying the Sun.) At the most, just practicing technique would suffice. Yeah, pick out a GOAT* and work with it. I would also recommend not going heavy.
Why? 1) You do not know what is coming up tomorrow 2) Today would be the day to recover. If you feel like you don’t need to recover, well you probably didn’t hit the last 3 days hard enough.

If you happened to have missed a work out, then use today to catch up.

As far as skills go, here is a list of what we think would be beneficial for your training!
GHD SitUps
Back/Hip Exts
Hollow Rocks
Walk (Barbell Yoke, Overhead, Zercher)
K2E’s (w/o kip)
T2B’s (w/o kip)

* GOAT = Something YOU suck at! ;-D


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Eine Antwort zu Skill Day- Sei Smart

  1. susipowell schreibt:

    now, i know what i have to do

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