We have a saying…..

Recently, I have heard all types of BS* about how expensive „WE“ are. What’s funny though is when I ask the same persons if they would treat their Porsche like shit or if they would fill their AUDI/BMW with shitty gas, they all say „NO“. Yet they do that to their bodies every single day. Who is dumber? The one who gives out a little more for quality training or someone who gives out a little less and year after year see’s no improvement. Some people are saying: „Oh, I can do that on my own or I don’t need a trainer.“ Truth is, most people I hear of doing CrossFit on their own  don’t see their own faults or mistakes. Usually,  there isn’t anyone that knows how to let you know if you are doing something wrong. I have seen and know of people hurting their backs, knees and shoulders. Folk’s let me tell you something , we do more than just push ups, pull ups and sit ups. We teach people to be more functional in everyday life. We teach people to become more flexible, mobile, balanced, faster, powerful, stronger, agiler, coordinated, accurate and have more stamina and endurance. (cardiovascular and respiratory) Putting it simple, we want to make you better then the day before.

If you haven’t seen any changes or improvements in your training recently, maybe you are doing something wrong?

Here is proof that our  CF program works!

Alex S. 24.Jan.2011

24 Dec. 2011. After!


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3 Antworten zu We have a saying…..

  1. Alex S. schreibt:

    thanks for 1 year couching strength and endurance training, mobility, flexibility, speed, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, and of course nutritional counseling.
    Special thanks to our couches Rob, Günni, Ralph, Jean, Rolf, Alex, Stefan, Simon and my fellow-sufferer Judy 😉

  2. Chinner schreibt:

    Absolut beeindruckendes Ergebnis. Respekt, Alex, echten Respekt.

    Weiter so!



  3. AlexB schreibt:

    Ich habe schon Angst vor Alex…

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