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Beast Bash Eve

 won’t be on any of the wods tomorrow. ;-P Information! For anyone who isn’t sure of what is going on, here you go! We will be in the box at 8:00am. You guys can start showing up after 08:00am Everyones … Weiterlesen

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Push the Ball up, Feet Up, Jump Up , don’t throw up!

Wednesday 28.09.2011 WOD 15 min AMRAP 10x Wall Balls 10x T2B 10x Box Jumps Der Trick ist atmen.

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Just Breathe

The First WOD of the Ansbacher Beast Bash is 2 parts. A) AMRAP in 12min: Teams run 800m. Then with the rest of the time left over, do as many reps possible of OHS.   Women: 35kg / Men: 50kg FIB … Weiterlesen

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No, medballs aren’t delivered more comfortable

Epic Skill WarmUp: Muscle Up SWOD: 5×5 Shoulder Press WOD 1,6km with a Medball -3min Rest- 1,6km Run ( without Medball)

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Wir brauchen Große Grills, hat jemand welche? We need a few Grills for Saturday! Does anyone have one? warm up: 2X: 30 sec Hollow Rocks 30 sec Superman Rock Zwei Gegeneinander! 2 people against each other: Das MedBall spiel/ The … Weiterlesen

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Ain’t You Bashed?

Get Ready for the Bash…. SWOD 5×1 OHS 5×1 FS 5×1 BS Foam Roller: What is that damned thing lying in the corner?

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Love your Balls!

Skill: Med Ball Clean Death by PullUps or 5-5-5-5-x Weighted PullUps TEAM WOD You go, I go-> Teams of 2 100 MedBall Cleans 100 Wall Balls 100 Ball Slams 100 Partner MedBall SitUps For time! 🙂

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