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Warm up 10 Squats 10 V-Ups 10 Hollow Turns 10 V-Outs 10 Pull Ups WOD Ok versuchen wir es nochmal. Wenn es nicht regnet! If it doesn’t rain, we will be trying last week’s team wod again! 2er Teams 2 … Weiterlesen

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Just like the weather.

Warm Up Lunges Ring Dips Skill Pistol WOD 15min of 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 …. bis die Zeit abgelaufen ist ! Wall Ball Ball Slams Pull Ups Camille Leblanc-Bazinet – Slow Motion Muscle Ups @ CrossFit … Weiterlesen

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Stand by your man!

WarmUp Burgener WarmUp Samson Stretch 30 Burpees  WOD EMOM 15min Using 3 Squat Snatches @ 60% of 1 RM

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Be fast be strong!

Warm Up 3 runden/rounds of Cindy 2x max time hang an Pull-Up Bar WOD Diane!!! 21 – 15 – 9 100kg Deadlift (RX for the Ladies is 70kg/155#.) Handstand push-ups

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It’s time to get it on!

Warm up ???? then SWOD ca 25min 1 RM Back Squat (mindestens 5 schwere Aufwärmsätze/At least 5 heavy warm up sets) WOD (Cookie without milk) 3rds 10 KB Swings (32kg) 10 Med Ball Cleans 10 T2B

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Montag Früh Meets Nancy…

WOD will be different in the afternoon!!! WarmUp 2x 400m run 15T2B then Tabata Mashup 4min DU’s Plank Hold WOD Nancy 5 Rounds of 15 Overheadsquats 40kg / 30kg 400m run Post your times and mode.

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Andi and Tanja sitting in a tree…..

Polterabend! Andi + Tanja Diesen Samstag! Lohrbach 3 91610 Insingen WOD 400m run 21-15-9 Ring Push-ups Back Squats 400m Run You guys kicked ass today!

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