Mom’s Day – Rest Day- Enjoy the Sun Day!

Okay Guys! It has been a interesting week of picking up, pushing, pulling heavy sh*t and of course running and rowing!
You guys are really FU*king Fantastic! No doubt about it! So sorry about the use of some of the words here. Do not be offended. But life can be short and CrossFit Ansbach just wants to get a shout out to ALL of you for being a Fantastic Group of people!

So some things to think about:
1) CrossFit Ansbach placed 13th in the CF Open! That is FREAKIN AWSOME! In such a short time! There is talent in our community! Everyone that participated, cheered and judged helped make a difference!
2) Melissa Wegner and Stefan Dallheimer aka BOU will be representing CF AN @ the CrossFit European Regional being held at the Reebok Stadium in England!

The CrossFit Regionals will be held on the 3-5th of June! If you guys and gals are interested in going up there for support and having a kick ass time get in touch with Melissa, Bou or Reid.

Don’t forget to let your mom know you care! It’s Mom’s Day! All day long!

Now for shits and giggles! Watch this!


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5 Antworten zu Mom’s Day – Rest Day- Enjoy the Sun Day!

  1. tanja_b schreibt:

    Rob, danke für deine Worte. Melissa und Bou: Saucool! Ich wünsch euch viel Glück!

    An alle Mamas: schönen Muttertag!

  2. susi schreibt:

    Great work to you Bou and Melli! Don’t forget yourself Robert! You are going straight to LA!!! Congratulations!!!

  3. Bleicke schreibt:

    Go Melli! Go Bou! Go Rob!

    Ich will mind. 3 erste Plätze sehen.

  4. Bleicke schreibt:

    Kein Team Ansbach? 😦

    WOD: 15:31 @30kg

    Respekt an alle, die Rx’d gemacht haben!

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