The Green Mile

Who are these Crazy people? Wer sind die Verrückten?


warm up
short, sweet and sweaty.

The WOD: The Green Mile

50 meter Burpee Broad Jumps
350 meter Medball Carry
400 meter Waiter’s Walk
400 meter Farmers Carry
50 meter Lunges
350 meter Medball Carry


Über robcrossfitter

CrossFit Junkie
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7 Antworten zu The Green Mile

  1. robcrossfitter schreibt:

    The rest of the pictures are on Facebook!

  2. Rolf schreibt:

    AWESOME! 🙂 hope you guys had fun!

  3. Bleicke schreibt:

    Super fun workout. Andi got stopped by a cyclist asking what the fuck we’re doing. Carrying odd objects is amazingly hard. The downside of „constantly varied“ is you never get to do stuff often enough, there’s just too much to fit in! There’s a billion fun exercises we could do more often. But so little time 😦

    Congrats Shorty and Kiwi on doing the third open WOD!

  4. shorty schreibt:

    Thx bleike, Have fun when you Do it 🙂

  5. susi schreibt:

    i really do love this – this crazy thing we do ! It is so much fun!
    Everybody how did the WOD 3: you did a great job!!!

  6. Bleicke schreibt:

    Wow, now I respect you WOD #3 guys even more. That was fucking hard!
    Grats to Christina, Martin, Dave, Stefan, Rene (who totally destroyed me this time) and Tanja. You animals!

  7. Steffi schreibt:

    15:13 war gut

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