Montag, 04.04.2011

one of these mondays…

KettleBell Snatch!
Skill Work

1-2-3-4-5 pro Arm, 2 Runden

30 Muscle Ups


10 Runden
3 Pullups / Klimmzüge
3 Ring Dips / Bar Dips

If you want to learn more about the Muscle up , check this out!

Postet eure Art des WODs und eure Zeit, weitere Kommentare sind gern gesehen!
Post your way of doing the WOD and your time, and of course other comments!

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2 Antworten zu Montag, 04.04.2011

  1. Rob Powell schreibt:

    There are different techniques to use. I prefer to spear it when you are trying to punch through at the top. It reduces less wear and tear on your hands.
    Check out the lady. She is pregnant. Kuck mal die Frau an. Die ist schwanger!

  2. Bleicke schreibt:

    4:45, 10 rds of 3PUs and 3Ring Dips

    Nice job everyone who did the muscle ups! You guys are incredible!

    I keep forgetting to spear-open the hand at the top of the KB Snatch. But the part that feels dangerous is when I lower the KB after the snatch or to switch hands, I sometimes misjudge the weight/speed.

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