Attempting Suicide With CFJAX

On the 5th of Feb: Get together @ Pepe’s for our last wild dinner before the Paleo Challenge Starts. Contact Reid by Wed.

9 Tips on Kicking A** by Zach Even-Esh of CrossFit Underground

With 52kg for guys / 30-35kg for ladies do:
thruster x 10
deadlift x 9
squat clean x 8
push press x 7
hang power clean x 6
front squat x 5
push jerk x 4
hangs squat clean x 3
power clean x 2
shoulder press x 1 (No push presses here!)


Über robcrossfitter

CrossFit Junkie
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6 Antworten zu Attempting Suicide With CFJAX

  1. Bou schreibt:

    2:45 rx`d

  2. Reid schreibt:

    Dinner/party is on the 5th, not 6th!

  3. Bleicke schreibt:

    Thx 4 clarification, Reid.

    Bou du Tier!

    WOD: 7:22 (52kg, aber keine Squat Cleans sondern Power Cleans)

  4. Rob schreibt:

    Butcher.rx’d 3:00
    Rob. Rx’d 2:35

  5. uli schreibt:

    Hi Reid,

    it`s possible, that I cannot come to the training today. Please call me or write me a message if you know how many people will come on saturday and which time you will come.

    See you


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