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We still got U

Warm up 3 rounds 7 p-ups 10 push u 20 a squats S. Stretch L und R for thirty seconds. Focus: medball clean WOD Death by Burpee Emom: In the first min start off with 1 burpee. The count goes … Weiterlesen

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This is a TesT! Are U Spontaneous?

Thoughts on Sunday.             Für die Frauen / For the Ladies   Women of the crossFit 2010 Games  Quick Time or Windows Media           What we will be doing today? Es ist ein Geheimnis! Anyone who is willing to … Weiterlesen

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Happy Birthday Rolf ! & Happy Birthday Günther !

              Warmup: wer da war kann sich gut dran erinnern ! WOD: Fight Gone Ugly! 3 Rounds / 3 Runden: 1 Min Box Jumps / Box Sprünge 1 Min Push Ups / Liegestütze 1 … Weiterlesen

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Shoot High, Shoot for the Stars

Warm Up 3 rounds of: Samson Stretch: 30 Seconds each Leg 10 x Lunges then 2 rounds of 400m run 50 single jumps ropes 5 burpees 10 box jumps WOD 15min AMRAP of: 5 sdhp withRX’d is with 60kg/40kg for … Weiterlesen

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Working It!

Warm Up Plank Holds then Tabata Pull Up skills Focus: How to improve your Jerk! WOD 10min EMOM of: 1 press 1 push press 1 jerk 1 split jerk In the last round do as many presses, push presses and … Weiterlesen

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Save MY Back

Warmup 6 min of 2 HandStandPushUps Every Minute on the Minute 3 Rounds of 20x Lunges / Ausfallschritte 10x Strict Pull Ups / Klimmzüge 20x Sit Ups WOD 5 Rounds for time of: 5x Deadlift / Kreuzheben 120 kg M … Weiterlesen

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Burning Lungs

            Warm Up Handstand Holds Against the wall and Free handed. then ring rows x 15 ohs x 15 box jumps x 10 50m farmer’s carry for three rounds. ;-P WOD 3 rounds for time … Weiterlesen

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