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Let’s Move it!

   Can U still function properly early in the morning?   Warm Up 3 rds of: Push-ups Sit-ups SDHP – w/ Barbell Pull ups Each exercise 10 reps Work Strength: Week 8 (Last Week!) PRESS WOD 10 min AMRAP 7 … Weiterlesen

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Good Luck to CF Ansbach Trainer Team

Melissa Long by T’challa Hawk. Thank you CrossFit HQ for posting this picture!!! I wish everyone on our trainer team and those soon to be lots of luck in Basel today! We hope FRAN was nice to you! WHY I Train?

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Enjoy The Sun!

Warm Up We will be doing some mobility stuff today! So let’s roll it out an loosen it up some! Focus: Air Squat and Deadlift = We are going to be checking your form out. Fun and Games 5min amrap … Weiterlesen

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Fast Lane Again!

The Case for Mobility Warm Up Tabata Mash up of: Squats and Pull Ups Work Week 7 Strength Prog. Back Squat and Bench Press (Easy Day Folks!) Brownie 5 Rounds for time of: 3 HSPU 6 Pull Ups 9 Wallballs … Weiterlesen

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Ya’ll Smoked it!

From the New York Times Aging Fit im Alter sein! / Getting older and being fit!   Let’s get Warm Tabata Mash-up: pull ups mixed with Ball Slams. (Just say thank you!) Strength: Week 7 (Easy Stuff) DL 10 Min … Weiterlesen

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Easy Going!

Information: CrossFit Games Warm Up 3 Rounds Samson Stretch OHS Sit-ups Push-ups Box Jumps 10-15 Reps WOD G2O (From Ground to Overhead) Men: 2250kg Women: 1500Kg For Time Examples: For 1500kg – 60 x 25kg / 50 x 30kg etc. … Weiterlesen

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Getting Through the Grind

Week 7 Strength Prog. Shoulder Press -10 minute time limit. WOD 20 minute amrap of: 2ox Push Press with 30kg or 15x with 40kg or 10 with 50kg/60kg 20 Burpees 30 DU

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