Not to be bought.

Burgener with Bar.
10 Medball Cleans

In 10 min do: 5 x 3 reps Snatch High Pulls

In three 3-4 man groups do:
8 x power cleans, 8 x front squats, 8 x press
Rest is while you are waiting.
6 x power cleans, 6 x front squats, 6 x press
4 x power cleans, 4 x front squats, 4 x press.

Weight stays the same through out the whole work out. Goal is to complete each series of reps without putting bar down.

Cookies without the milk:
In groups of 4.
For time: 200 Thrusters. One team member @ a time. e3mom– team does as a whole 3 c2b pull ups.



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7 Antworten zu Not to be bought.

  1. Sean schreibt:

    What is the recommended weight or percentage? I plan on doing this on my own tomorrow. What would you recommend for a rest between rounds?

  2. Bleicke schreibt:

    Sean: We started with 47,5kg, but some dropped down to 45kg for the presses. The presses are pretty damn hard even with 45kg.

    WOD: 47,5kg
    Group-Cookie mit Alex, Uwe und Kevin: 7:54

  3. Stefan schreibt:

    killa WOD…
    schade, dass ich nicht da war…
    bis Morgen

  4. robcrossfitter schreibt:

    The ideal weight for this is one that you can do for the 8, 6 and 4 rep series without putting down the bar. Sean if you are doing it by yourself, then take 2min rest between the rounds.

  5. Uli schreibt:

    Hi Sean

    I will do it today too. And so we can do it together:-). Perfect my english?


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