Moving Heavy Sh!t Fast

CFJAX in the news!

 Warm up: to be decided

Shoulder Press
3-3-3-3-3 For 3 rm.

Team WOD
Kegs, Sleds and KBs


If you find that you haven’t been improving, then ask yourself the following:

 Have you been coming in to the box regularly?

Have you been cherry picking the wods?

Have you given everything you have when we do metcons or strength wods?

Have you trained on your off days? (resting properly)

Have you paid attention to what you eat? (Too many cheat meals?)

Are you dehydrated most of the time? (getting enough electrolytes?)

How are your sleeping habits?

 Smoking and drinking alcohol everyday or every weekend?

There are other questions we could ask ourselves. However, I believe we don’t need to go further with them now.


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14 Antworten zu Moving Heavy Sh!t Fast

  1. robcrossfitter schreibt:

    Have you been a clock whore?
    Have you said form isn’t important?

  2. Hector Silva schreibt:

    Have you sacrificed a goat to the Gods??

  3. Bleicke schreibt:

    Not trained on rest days (they’re rest days) and cheated on Paleo diet about 100% of the time 😦

  4. WM schreibt:

    Did you know that turtles can breathe through their butts?

  5. Bleicke schreibt:

    Shoulder Press: 57kg
    Team WOD mit Alex und Ron: 10:22

  6. Shorty schreibt:

    Shorty: Shoulder Press 62,5kg
    WOD 3:32

  7. Markus schreibt:

    52,5kg / 9:18 (Team Wod mit Hannes)

  8. Reid schreibt:

    And my new favorite obsession… how mobile are you?

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