Ständig abwechslungsreich, mit hoher Intensität, funktionellen Bewegungen

You might be interested to know that someone out there is working harder then you. It might also interest you to know he or she do not really care about what you think. They do not have time to gossip or worry about what other’s think of them. They are trying to get their own lifes straight, reach their own goals and become everything they can be before their time is up.

At CrossFit Ansbach our goals are to become better at all of the following:
Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

Taking it further like all CrossFit Boxes around the world,
we train for the Unknown and Unknowable.
Because LIFE does not give a crap if you are having a bad day or not.

We do not have time for Steroids or other magic pills.


For motivation from

Dave Lispon on Back Squats wmv mov


Rich Froning Jr. does: 

Three rounds for time of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 5 ascents
21 Ring dips
50 Squats

wmv  or mov 


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3 Antworten zu Ständig abwechslungsreich, mit hoher Intensität, funktionellen Bewegungen

  1. robcrossfitter schreibt:

    I Love this! From Tate:
    You ever go out with a bunch of people for dinner when you’re dieting? Isn’t that a fucked up situation?

    Let’s say you’re at a table with seven people and everyone’s ordering their food. You’re at the end so you’re ordering last. They’re getting ribs, chicken strips, spaghetti, and whatever. No one in the group cares what they’re ordering. The conversation stays the same. Then it comes to you and your first question is, „How do you prepare your chicken breasts?“

    People start looking at you.

    Then you order two plain chicken breasts with a side of broccoli with no butter or seasoning. The waiter writes it down and off he goes to the kitchen. Now everyone’s looking at you like you’re a freak.

    They didn’t care that your other friend was eating ribs. They didn’t say shit when the guy ordered his chicken strips. So how is your meal selection any different? It blows my mind.

    If you ordered something that was complete shit, no one would say anything. But because you ordered something to help you achieve a goal, it’s a problem. And now for the next ten minutes you’re having that stupid fucking conversation.

  2. hannes schreibt:


    Ist denn heute noch jemand um 19:30 in der Box?


  3. Stephan schreibt:

    oh mist hi hannes, hab den post viel zu spät gesehn sonst hätte ich zumindest absagen können! ich habs im rücken -.- hoff das gibt sich bis morgen!

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