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All for the Team!

Warm Up 400m Run Junk Yard Dog w/ Partner Burgener Warm Up x 3 PVC Deadlift- Check your form! Deadlift 3 x 8 TEAM WOD Make up teams of 4 athletes. As a Team: Run 400m Then do max rep … Weiterlesen

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Clean yourself off.

Warm Up „Junk Yard Dog“ then 3 Rounds of: 5 Pull ups, 10 Jumping Air Squats, 10 Medball Cleans then Burgener Warm Up x 5. WOD 7 Rounds of: Clean x 7 -> männer 70kg. Frauen 50kg HSPU x 4 … Weiterlesen

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Rest Day Or Work On Something.

Relax: Verb – To make something less severe or tense.

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Laziness (also called indolence) is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is often used as a pejorative; related terms for a person seen to be lazy include couch potato, slacker, and bludger. … Weiterlesen

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Pick it up!

Warm Up Junk Yard Dog Burgener Warm Up max pull ups x 3 1min rest in between. WOD Deadlift Max 3 rep in 15min. then 3 rounds of: 10 wallballs Farmer carry x 200m for time…

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Happy Birthday Max I!!!

Warm Up „Junk Yard Dog“ with partner then Burgener Warm Up Focus:  Snatch WOD AMRAP 8 Min. Power Snatch x 8 Ring Dips x 8 Box Jumps x 8

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something additional – like Pizza???

Pizza Connection – last WOD CrossFit Games 2010 Sectionals Mailand 10 deadlift @ 140 kg 20 dumbbell @ 20kg 30 double unders 10 power snatch @ 50kg 20 wall balls @ 9kg 30 pull ups 10 thrusters @ 50kg 20 … Weiterlesen

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